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About K9Nanni

K9 Nanni, a full-service pet center located in North Arlington on Porete Avenue, is the brainchild of Linda Solana who believes pets need 3 things to be healthy and happy: excercise, discipline, and love.

All three are offered here at K9 Nanni whether boarding your dog for a length of time, just for the day or training classes for new pet owners.

Our pet center has 12,000 square feet of fenced in outdoor space and 3,500 square of indoor space. We offer a variety of care for your dogs - whether it is day care, boarding, walking, in-home pet sitting, puppy etiquette classes.

Did You Know?

K9Nanni has been serving Northern NJ for the last 9 years?

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About Linda Solana

"I have always had a love and passion for animals. My dream was to have a safe environment for them to play and educate owners about dogs, so there will be less dogs given up to shelters."

Linda has been caring for dogs for 9 years!

She started with walking dogs during her lunch break when she worked as an HR Manager at a web hosting company in Jersey City to creating a successful play-date group in Hoboken - Linda knew her #1 passion was to offer the best kind of care and love for dogs and owners. She saw how her dogs benefited from the "dates", so decided to follow her dreams, leave the corporate world and open a full-service pet care center with her husband Tashon. Their children Bo and Keyanna also work with them here at the center (it's a full family affair!)

Being a proud dog owner herself - Linda mentored under her own dog's trainer and realized she had a gift for communicating and teaching dogs. Since then, she has been actively working with many pet owners and dogs on basic and behavioral training. She offers one on one training as well as group both at the center and at your home.

Linda herself is a proud mama to her 4 dogs - 3 rescued Pitbulls (Empress, Duchess, and Fari) and 1 Shih Tzu (Lily).

She is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, American Red Cross First Aid Certified, and a graduate of the New York School of Grooming.

When Linda is not running around with our dogs - she is secretly binge watching Modern Family and taking notes after Cesar Milan!